Homeless Camp and Transient Cleanup

Homeless camps create a variety of public safety concerns, public health issues, and public infrastructure issues. As the number of people identifying as homeless in Washington State grows, so do the concerns of citizens, businesses, government agencies, and law enforcement officials.

When your agency or organization needs homeless camp or transient cleanup services, you can rest assured our teams will adhere your requirements, local and state requirements, and our own best practices.

Homeless Camp Cleanup Best Practices

  • Post notice of trespass 72-hours before cleanup begins
  • During the 72 hour notice period, people will be able to gather their medical records, weapons, etc.
  • Coordinate with law enforcement
  • Carefully sort all materials for proper handling and containment
  • Contain and dispose of all solid and hazardous waste including human waste, garbage, drugs and drug paraphernalia, items which pose a health hazard, etc.
  • Document the cleanup with photos
  • On request, provide resources available in their area

Fully Prepared for Meticulous and Efficient Homeless Camp and Transient Cleanup

Our trained, experienced teams arrive on schedule with the appropriate supplies, equipment, and tools to thoroughly and efficiently clean the area.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Cleaners, disinfectants, and sterilizers
  • Garbage containers (dumpsters)
  • Hazardous waste containers

Our proven-successful processes ensure that your site is meticulously cleaned, photos and documentation are completed, and that your requirements are fulfilled.

24/7 Rapid Response

Contact us promptly if you suspect or know your site is contaminated with an infectious disease.