Methamphetamine Testing And Cleanup

In 2014, there were over 9,000 meth lab incidents across the United States that were busted by the DEA and supportive law enforcement. Although you may not ever have direct contact with a meth lab, this is a nationwide issue that we are dealing with. Just like any state, Washington has had its fair share of meth labs over the years. If you are a property owner,or know someone that is dealing with the aftermath of a meth lab in the Washington area, it is very important to book an appointment for testing. Without proper sanitation and decontaminating services, meth lab remnants can stay around the location for long periods of time, which can be detrimental to your health.

Health Risks Associated With Meth Labs

  • Meth Residue Poisons – These labs use heavy amounts of dangerous chemicals. That is why it is very important to call law enforcement as well as KRI to make sure that you do not come into contact with any of these poisonous chemicals.
  • Meth Residue Causes Breathing Issues – The longer you stay in the residence, your chance of having respiratory issues quickly rises. Humans and animals should not breath in these fumes.
  • Meth Residue Causes Migraines – Exposure to meth lab scene contamination can have a direct impact on migraines as well. The leftover odors and residue from the scene can cause individuals to experience headaches.
  • Meth Residue Causes Skin Issues – Another reaction to methamphetamine is irritated skin. Contact with the acidic chemicals around a meth lab can cause a burning sensation as well as flared skin issues.

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  • On-site Inspections
  • Quality Sample Testing. Qualitative (presence of) or Quantitative (how much)
  • Work and safety plan development and implementation
  • Decontamination of residue levels to meet national established levels of safe habitation
  • State, city and county regulatory compliance
  • Pre & Post sample analysis
  • Legally defensible closure reports

Washington state law (RCW 64.44.020) requires law enforcement agencies to notify the local health department of suspected meth labs when they are discovered. The law also requires property owners to notify the local health department if they believe a meth lab has contaminated the property by a tenant who moved out. Upon notification the health department determines if there is sufficient evidence that a meth lab was on a property. The department will then post the property or structure(s) on the property as Unfit for Use if it is determined that there is a meth lab onsite. Posting and clean-up of meth labs is regulated under WAC 246-205.

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